Monte Amiata unveiled


Luca’s House farm looks after the collection and transformation of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants, walnuts, chestnuts, extra virgin olive oil and a small production of honey. We also sell an excellent Montalcino red wine produced by small neighbouring farms.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The oil is produced from superior quality olives, collected by hand, from the Seggiano olivastra trees, a variety that is native to the area, resistant to cold and with characteristics already noted and appreciated by the Benedictines in the 13th century which have conferred the PGI and PDO recognition on the oil.  The olives are pressed in a small but efficient local mill using techniques which maintain the healthy and organoleptic characteristics of the oil with its intense yet at the same time delicate colour and flavour. The oil has an intense green colour, green with shades of gold, a distinct smell of olive oil and fruit and a flavour which is spicy and slightly bitter.